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24 years of our award winning log homes in Japan.
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Fantastic log resort in Texas built by Peco Log Homes.

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Peco Log Homes - Log Home Shell Contents
What is included in your log shell package.
  - The cost of the log portion as per blueprints provided by Peco Log Homes.

- Species of logs to be Douglas Fir or Engleman Spruce . Midspan diameter 14"- 16".

- Electrical holes and boxes mortised out as per blueprint.

- Construction using the hand peeled and Norwegian notch full scribe method.

- Insulation to be EMSeal where applicable.

- Adequate settling space to be provided where required in construction.

- All window and door openings cutout and sanded according to blueprint.

- All archway and curled log ends sanded. All key-ways cut out for windows and doors. All frame wall slots cut for partitions and all flats cut for flooring and roof joists.

- Set of log stairs and handrail for interior loft.

- Through- bolts supplied.

- Numbering logs, disassembly and loading of logs at Peco construction site.

- Supervisor for re-assembly of the log package at the owers site.

Q. Why the purchaser provides.
  - All excavations footing, foundations and sub-floors ready for installation of the log shell.

- All electrical, plumbing, heating, water and sewer installation and all permits required and payment of.

- All heat, light and power required to construct the log package on the Purchasers property.

- Any and all costs of finishing the house after the log package is re-erected.

- Purchaser shall provide public liability insurance and fire insurance while the log package is being reassembled.

- The Purchaser shall provide and be responsible for payment of the Hydraulic crane used to reassemble the log package on the Purchasers property.

- The Purchaser shall provide crew re-assembly of log package to work with the Peco Log Home supervisor.

- The Purchaser is to be responsible for payment of shipping.

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