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24 years of our award winning log homes in Japan.
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Fantastic log resort in Texas built by Peco Log Homes.

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Wood Selection (top)
  Only the highest quality logs are selected, watching for straightness of grain and uniformity of size. Douglas Fir, Engleman Spruce and Western Red Cedar are most popular. All logs have minimum taper and diameters average 14"- 16".

Hand Peeled Logs (top)
  All the logs are hand peeled removing the cambium layer. This ensures each log has a rich clean look and also allows the wood to breath thus aiding with the natural airing process that will take place as your house dries and settles.

Norwegian Notch and Scribe Method (top)
  We utilize the Norwegian notch and scribe method which ensures an extremely strong structure. This method of log construction is tested and proven by the University of Tokyo Japan to be highly earthquake resistant.

Electric Wiring (top)
  To accommodate the electric wiring that will run throughout your home, 1 1/2 inch thick holes are drilled where required and special outlet openings are cut into the logs.

Throughbolts (top)
  To create additional strength and stability "throughbolts" are placed strategically throughout the structure. You will monitor these bolts and tighten as required, which is usually once every 3 - 4 months for the first year as the settling occurs.

Archways and Openings (top)
  Signature Homes by Peco are renown for the beauty of their sanded archways and openings. Window and door openings also receive the full artistic benefit of being tapered and sanded.

Ceiling Beams (top)
  All the second floor logs and ceiling beams are cut with a flat surface on top that are ready for you to proceed with your 2nd floor construction.

Log Gables (top)
  Your house can be built with a choice of full log gables, framed gables or framed and log post gables. Structural and decorative trusses are also available.

EMSeal (top)
  EMSeal is placed in log grooves and corners when your log shell is reconstructed on your site

Stress Cuts (top)
  All logs are stressed cut to minimize checkining. W-Groove shown is where EMSeal insulation is placed.

Log Shell (top)
  Once the log shell is complete all the logs are numbered then dismantled and loaded ready to move to your site.

Purlins and Ridgepole (top)
  The purlins and ridgepole are also cut with flat surfaces and create the base for your roofing structure.

Log Shell Reassembley (top)
  Log shell is dismantled and moved to your site for re-assembly.


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Log Shell
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Log Shell Reassembley
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